Wednesday Bible Classes-March/April 2012

Some really great classes in February on the Pentateuch
and Romans.

Many thanks to Brethren Gary Steel and James McCann who made their evenings instructive, interactive and also entertaining.

Good to see solid support for all their efforts and if you haven’t been along to Bible class for a while, it is really worth sharing that fellowship together and a great opportunity to  learn more about the word that we cherish.

The “Morgan boys” will be leading us, God willing  in March/April and we look forward to their contributions:

Bro Daniel Morgan leads off with 2 classes in March, Wednesdays
March 7 and 21 to the topic of The PEC (Proverbs Education Centre)”

Welcome to the Proverbs Education Centre – the schoolroom of life. In it we can read, think & converse on these remarkable examples of divine instruction, coming to us through a faulty man – Solomon.

Proverbs  25:2 says it is the ‘Glory of God to conceal a matter’ – what a curious saying, not one we’d expect – but experience shows it to be fundamentally true: the more we take on the physical & spiritual exercise to uncover truth, the more the glory of God is demonstrated.

The effectiveness of a Proverb is in its concise and concrete illustrations – rather than abstract ideas. They show us a model of general truth that stimulates our attention, beyond what a matter-of-fact statement can.

These sessions hope to look into the main illustrations in Proverbs, those that are repeated over and over, and find their simple and concise meaning for us.

Friday March 16 : Home Discussion Groups, various homes in 3 areas.

Bro Jacob Morgan will lead us in 2 (of 3 classes), on March 28 and April 4 , to
the topic: The Gospel of Mark”:

Mark’s Gospel is a simple, succinct, unadorned, yet vivid account of Jesus’ ministry, emphasizing more what Jesus did than what he said. (NIV Study Bible Introduction to ‘Mark”). This Bible Class series:

March 28: Jesus in the Street, April 4: Jesus in the Home and in May: Jesus in the Ecclesia, is intended to capture the energy and dominating presence of the Son of God as he transitions between the street, the home and the synagogue and to see in this the capacity he has to be a present, instructive and effective saviour in all areas of one’s own life.

April 11, 18 and 25: In Recess, for the holidays and many will be attending the Adelaide Conference week.

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