Sunday School

Castle Hill BEC Sunday school is a safe, fun and educational environment where children of all ages learn simple Godly principles through Sunday school lessons, music, craft activities, stories, games, excursions and much more.

The activity books are a fantastic resource designed to combine activities with educational lessons to help children develop an understanding of Gods message of hope found in the Bible.  We encourage the children to build friendships based on creativity, love and Godly principles and have fun with other kids who are doing just the same.

Class Format

Each week we begin with music where the kids learn Christian songs together before they split up into individual classes. All classes consist of 2–5 children with 1-2 leaders and start from the age of 3 through to adults.  There is even a coffee class in the BEC for the parents who are dropping their children off and wish to wait around.  Each morning is concluded with a free morning tea and play time in a fully fenced grassed area with play equipment.

Posted: July 13, 2011 / Categories: For Kids
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