New turf for rear lawn

Keeping the grass nice and healthy in the area behind the BEC has been an ongoing problem. Wear and tear from the Wednesday playgroup and Sunday soccer compounded by the shady location made it hard to keep the grass nice, especially after wet weather.

So today began the project to replace the old grass with new artificial turf.

A small team of workers assembled early in the morning: Rob (the boss), apprentice Stephen, bobcat operator Gavin and unskilled labourer Mark. With so many away at Kid’s Camp and busy elsewhere, we decided to attack the job in two stages: ground preparation today and laying the turf next Sunday.

Here are some pics of the job underway.

Geofabric spread out over the cleared and levelled ground. Unskilled labourer fleeing the scene.








Roadbase being spread over the geofabric.









Rob using a plate compactor on the road base.






Meanwhile, Stephen installed a new border to allow the ground level to be raised.










Here’s Rob making another circuit, this time to compact the stabilised sand that had been spread over the road base.






Stephen reassembling the side fence.

Posted: July 13, 2013 / Categories: Events
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