Craft & Hobby Fair, 2013


What is happening?

Castle Hill BEC is holding a craft and hobby fair. Come along and join in bringing any friends that you would like to join in the fun with you.

What will be available:

  1. Static Displays and Posters:
  2. Displays

    There will be a number of displays that will demonstrate various crafts and hobbys for you to look at and explore.   You will be able to ask questions of those who have set up each display and find out how you could become involved if your find the craft or hobby displayed interesting


    • Community gardens
    • Bonsai
    • Pen, Ink and Wash Drawings
    • Restoring Musical Instruments
    • Card Making, with and without a computer
    • Paper Making
    • Patchwork
    • Embroidery
    • Pen, Ink and Wash drawings
    • Buttons and Beads
    • Replica Model Making


    There will also be a poster display around the hall which will demonstrate community textile art.

    This type of art is usually done by groups of people, from small to large, and utilise a variety of craft techniques including patchwork; embroidery; tapestry or any combination of these techniques.

    This textile art can take many years to complete and can be found in numerous public spaces, for example, the State and Federal Parliament buildings; churches; halls; and in the health care sector.


  3. Demonstrations:
  4. Additionally at a number of these static displays there will be demonstrations of the specific craft or hobby throughout the day.

    A listing of the times for these demonstrations will be available on the day.   It is proposed that there these demonstrations will be held twice during the day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, so all can have a chance to see any of the demonstration that interest you.

    Again there will be lots of opportunities to ask questions of an experienced craft person and find out more about the activity.

  5. Workshops:
  6. There will also be a series of workshops to choose from in which you can receive instructions on how to do a particular craft or hobby. Each workshop will be conducted by a craft person who has experience in sharing their craft with others

    Most of these workshops will be offered twice during the day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, so that you can pick a time that suits you, and also, attend more than one workshop.

    At these workshops a small kit will be available, at a nominal cost, which will contain all the items you will require to complete the task.

    Each workshop will run for about 30 minutes which will allow you to get started on the project and receive enough help to enable you to complete it at a later time.

    A listing of the times for these workshops will be available on the day.

  7. Groups:
  8. Knit and Natter Group:

    This is an informal group at which you can bring along a knitting (or crochet) item and join in with others to enjoy the company and have a chat.

    The Leader of the group will also show you how to join knitted squares, in a very special way, to make beautiful throws, blankets or children’s cot quilts.

    Chat and Craft Group:

    Bring along any crafty project that you are currently working on, or tryinjg to get started with, and chat with others while you continue on with your own project. For example, two of our members, who are just starting doing bobbin lace, a beautifull old craft that is quite fasinating to watch, will be joining this group.

    There will be no instruction provided in this group – it is just intended to be a group in which you can work on your own projects in the company of others.

    It you would like to also bring along something that you have completed recently that you would like to share with others please do.

    Young People’s Groups:

    Throughout the day a variety of wokshop activities will be available for the young people, and those young at heart, to do.   Some examples of these workshop activiites  are: french knitting; making tasels; doing a special bookmark; a small embroidery project; making cards; and creative pen and ink drawings.

  9. Refreshments:
  10. Morning and afternoon tea will be available, for a nominal cost, all day in the downstairs room. If you are staying all day it is suggested you bring along your lunch.

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